Thanks so much for the interest, but...

We are striving to be an example of a very trustworthy company that's worth keeping for many years to come, and so we have decided that we can't accept your hard earned money just yet.
But there's so much more you can do to help us get through the final stretch.

Our goal is to get this in your hands soon, and to do that we need two things:

  1. Know our future customers
  2. Hustle (i.e. work really hard)

To focus our efforts we would therefore really appreciate some insight into what you are working on, where, and the expected volume. We are NOT going to treat you differently whether you are working on a small or large endeavour (a queue is a queue), but it really helps us prepare for the size of the job we face in the coming months.

So please tell us more:

What's your email?
Which country are you from?
What are you working on? (e.g. connected beehive, gps tracked kite, pollution sensors for pigeons)
How many SIM cards do you think you will need the first year or so?
Anything else you want to share or ask?