Who I Am

I'm Mitto. The worldwide IoT SIM card for connected devices. I live to make your IoT projects more about the actual project and (much) less about figuring out cellular carriers and connectivity.

What I Do

  • Smart Metering

    Connected meters are coming but traditional cellular business models are unfit for this use case. When number of devices are high and traffic per device is low, a carrier’s model with monthly costs per card doesn't work. With Mitto you're only charged for the traffic, regardless of the number of devices.

  • Maker Projects

    You have made the project, but lack the cellular connection that doesn’t cost an arm or a leg every month. Mitto only costs something when you use it, and you can monitor usage and turn SIMs on or off as you please from our web dashboard.

  • Transportation / Freight

    For things that move IoT provides a particular challenge; roaming costs. Mitto covers over 100 countries with the same low rate so you can have a container in India or a GPS enabled bike in Brazil and it’s all the same.

  • Kickstarter / Startup

    Starting small but planning to go big? With Mitto you can start with a single SIM card to test your solution and go as high as millions of cards with no scaling cost. We can even drop-ship the cards directly to your customers if you want to go totally hands off.

One More Thing

Mitto is a world citizen, so you can focus your time on building great things instead of dealing with carriers from far away. It comes with connectivity deals for more than 100 countries out of the box, which are all priced the same.
$0.15/MB, no monthly fees or other weird carrier business models.
Oh and by the way, as 1MB ≅ 25,000 messages - that goes a long way:

  • 1message/month
    find your bike if it gets stolen
  • 30messages/month
    check the smart meter every day
  • 50messages/month
    report every time it rains in Seattle
  • 300messages/month
    turn the light on/off 10 times a day
  • 720messages/month
    record the temperature every hour

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